Our methods

Bilingualism, a valuable asset!

The more your child is exposed to a language at a young age, the more naturally they will pick it up. However, it’s never too late to teach your child a second language!

Studies have shown that children who are exposed to multiple languages develop particular skills. Bilingual children are usually more adaptable, more open and generally find it easier to learn other languages.

It has also been found that children who have been taught a second language (by means of language workshops, supervision in a foreign language, language trips abroad…) are more self-confident. Later on in life, your child will express themselves more willingly in this language and will be more receptive and positive in regards to using it.

An early introduction to English is a real brain workout which your child will benefit from enormously!

An active teaching method

Mere exposure to a language isn’t enough to learn to speak it. Learning a language has to happen through interactions that will motivate your children. Our English-speaking instructors adapt themselves according to the age of your children and form close relationships with them so that make your child wants to be able to communicate with them in English.

Supervision in a foreign language enables your child to recognize sounds and expressions in everyday tasks. Our English-speaking instructors will encourage your child to participate and converse with them during situations which are familiar to them.

The workshops introduce your child to English in fun and engaging situations. English will seem more like a tool to have fun rather than a subject that they have to study!


Learning by Linguistic Immersion

Our methods rely on a teaching method termed ‘immersion’, which is used unanimously all over Canada. Our objective is to create natural learning situations, during which your child will have to use English as a tool to bond with their instructor.

An intense exposure to English over a prolonged period of time, in a natural learning context, is the best way for your child to develop their communication skills.