Who are we?

Easy Bilingue, the story of two sisters…

Charlotte and Claire are two French-Danish sisters. Having grown up in a multi-cultural family, they are used to speaking in multiple languages. Language workshops, Au Pair trips, language trips abroad, international schools…they’ve been at the heart of today’s challenge: bilingualism.

Claire has a Masters degree in Business Strategy from Paris-Dauphine university as well as a Masters in Marketing from the IAE in Aix-en-Provence. Charlotte, a qualified solicitor, studied Law at the Nice-Sophia Antipolis university and in Aix-en-Provence. After their studies, the two sisters moved to Vancouver in Canada. It was during this trip, when bilingualism was a necessity, that the Easy Bilingue project was born.

Their objective: to help little French children blossom into little bilinguals!
Why: because learning a language should be Easy, as easy as learning a first language.

Easy Bilingue


Claire’s vision: “Throughout all my past experiences, I have always took full advantage of my good fortune of being able to speak more than one language, whether it be on holiday, at school, at university or in my career. Through taking part in the Easy Bilingue programs, I would like children to enjoy learning another language, as I did when I was a child.” 

Charlotte’s vision: “I have a little girl who is hungry for knowledge and who learns really quickly. I would love for her to be able to speak more than one language and I therefore put in the same effort and perseverance that my parents did for me. Teaching your child another language requires true commitment. Easy Bilingue represents a solution designed especially for children.”


Easy Bilingue, a network of partnerships

Easy Bilingue has established a partnership with the Association Familles et Jeunesse (AFJ), which has been specializing in cultural and linguistic Au Pair placements since 1984. Easy Bilingue thus benefits from the expertise of AFJ as well as its international network to recruit English-speaking instructors.


Easy Bilingue, a state-authorized agency

Easy Bilingue is state-certified for its childcare services and language workshops, allowing us to guarantee you a great quality of service. Easy Bilingue also enables you to profit from tax reductions and CAF financial help under certain conditions. Find out more.

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